I was always curious about baked lamb – for me, since I started my life in Italy, this was one of those dishes that I would be able to eat every week 😀 It’s such a delicious dish and, you’ll be surprised: really easy to cook.
So I asked the chef to explain and show me how exactly to cook Abbacchio al forno – Baked Lamb.
His reply? ,,Let’s do it!’’


Things you will need:


  • Half a kg of roman lamb (if you cook for 2)  🍖
  • Garlic (a couple of cloves) 🧄
  • Pepper 🧂
  • Salt 🧂
  • Rosemary 🌿
  • Olive Oil Olive on Emojipedia 13.0
  • Potatoes (to use as side dish) 🍠
  • At least 1 hour of patience ⌛
  • Someone to share the meal with 😊


-Preparing the Lamb-


1) We’ll take our lamb and we will start cutting it in half (since it’s a big piece of meat, you won’t be able to cook it all together without cutting it) – half is our choice to go but you can cut it even in smaller parts.

2) Since our lamb has ribs, we will need to remove those – however, be sure to remove just the bone and not the meat as well (a knife like the one we used should do the trick)

3) In order for the garlic cloves and rosemary to really fill the lamb with flavors, we’ll need to make holes in it, about 2 cm (that’s where we’ll insert the garlic) and some deep cuts as well.

4) As mentioned above, insert the garlic cloves in the holes, the rosemary in the cuts and start massaging the whole dish with olive oil (extravergine, of course) – don’t forget to add salt and pepper (we added a little paprika powder as well, to make it just a little spicy)

5) And that’s basically it – now the boring part comes in: be sure to have your oven heated at 180°C The whole process should take at least 1 hour.

6) Since we’re doing the side dish as well, roasted potatoes, we’ll make the time pass faster. Wash your potatoes and peel them – be sure to cut all of them the same size (8, 9 cm). Season them with salt, rosemary leaves and some garlic.
Mix everything with olive oil and put them in the oven where they will stay 30 minutes more or less (until the potatoes are tender and gold-ish).

7) 1 hour passed! And it seems our lamb is ready to be served (when you see the color is brown, that’s your hint your lamb is crispy and proper cooked).

8) Voila! 😀
You just cooked your first Abbacchio al Forno which I’m sure will be delicious. Serve it on a plate with the roasted potatoes, a glass of red wine and someone special by your side.

Buon Appetito!  👌

Andrei I.


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