Saltimbocca is a typical plate of the roman cuisine.

The saltimbocca are perhaps a dish of Brescia origin, but today the specialty of the “saltimbocca alla Romana” is typical, typical of the Italian capital and since the late nineteenth century it has also spread to other areas of Italy, (also reaching foreign areas) up to become one of the best known typical dishes of Italian cuisine.

Once again, I went to our amazing chef and decided to show you how to make this delicious dish yourself.


Things you will need:


  • Slices of veal 🥩

  • Sage (4-5 leaves) 🌿

  • 1 glass of white wine 🥂

  • Flour

  • Butter 🧈

  • Prosciutto crudo (4-5 thin slices) 🥓

  • Olive Oil


Start by cutting your meat in slices [1] and, if necessary, give them a little beat with a meat pounder if you want them thinner.

Next, place a thin slice of prosciutto crudo (raw ham) in the center on top of the meat [2] and a leaf of sage [3].

In order to lock in place your sage leaf and prosciutto slice with the meat, use a toothpick [4].
We will have to pass our Saltimbocca’s in flour [5], however only the part without ham and sage.
In a pan, heat up the olive oil [6] – as soon as you see the oil is hot and ready to be used, put the slices of meat in the pan, on the stuffed side [7].

Let them cook for a few moments and then turn the slices on the other side [8].
Now, to make the creamy sauce, add butter and half a glass of white wine [9].
Season everything with a pinch of salt (but not too much since the prosciutto is already salty enough) and sprinkle everything with a minced of pepper.
Let them cook a little more.

Voila! 😊
The Saltimbocca’s are ready [10].
Place the creamy sauce first and then place the slices of meat.

Buon Appetito! 👌


Andrei I.




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