What do you know about pasta?

It is one of the most famous dish in the world … but there are few who really know the history of dough!

There are divergent ideas about the place of birth of the dough: some believe that the dough comes from China and that Marco Polo imported it.

But there would be rather certain testimonies that already the Greeks and the Latins used something similar to the dough.

The name paste comes from Low Latin pasta, in the same sense.

The best-known pasta comes mainly from Italy: it is estimated that Italians eat around 60 kilos of pasta per person per year!

We can’t quantify how many ways there are to cook the dough! Alla Norma, Caccio & pepe, al ragù, all‘amatriciana, al pesto: these are only the most popular names for Italian pasta, but there is much more to taste!

Eataly In Rome, there is also a museum entirely dedicated to dough where you can find out how wheat pasta comes and what procedures are used in drying and kneading, both according to the ancient craft procedure and using technology modern industrial.

And if you want to see the different types of pasta (and taste them too!), go to Eataly, a large shop which contains several brands around the world and the largest of which is in Rome.
There you can also learn typical Italian recipes and have fun discovering all the curiosities about Italian cuisine!


We also have our own laboratory where we’re making our own fresh pasta.
Some of the pastas we are making are:

  • Gnocchi


  • Fettuccine


  • Tonnarelli


  • Spaghetti


  • Mezze Maniche


  • Strozzapreti


  • Stringozzi


  • Ditalini


Of course, Italy likes to experiment with so many forms and shapes when it comes to Pasta 😊
Take a look at those:



So, which one is your favorite shape of pasta?

I’m in love with spaghetti – I had those since I was a child.
Among my favorites are also Pipe Rigate (Pasta al tonno anyone?), Fettuccine and Mezze Maniche.


Andrei I.

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